Realistic creations

I came across an artist called Kelvin Okafor, who's drawings are unbelievably realistic. His drawings leaves me in complete awe, it's amazing what creations people can produce!

These drawings were made with only graphite, pencils and paper, I am speechless! He also takes pictures of the making of his drawings, it is very interesting!

As I am currently choosing what topic to explore for my art A Level, Okafor's art is truly inspiring as it pushes me to achieve to my fullest ability. I recommend you to check out his blog as his work is mind-blowing!

Click here to go to his blog and here to visit his Facebook Page

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  1. I love these images, they're truely amazingxx

  2. Woow. I completely agree with you, im currently at sixth form and did art for gcse so when i look at these i feel so inspired to go back to my sketchbook.

    1. me too! but i also wish i had the free time to do more art :/