Doughnut style

This is probably my favourite nail art since I started this blog. It's so sweet and delicious looking! The little doughnut in the photo above is one I made using Sculpey Polymer Clay (That's for another post!), so I wanted to make something inspired by that.

Firstly, I used O.P.I Don't Pretzel my Buttons as the base colour, which is a gorgeous sandy nude, and then started with the design. I made drips with three colours (Barry M Blueberry, Barry M Berry Ice cream and Models own Hot Pink) and added sprinkles to the top by using these colours, as well as white and Max Factor Mellow Yellow.

The doughnut design was inspired by Abbienail's amazing nail art. I created the doughnuts by starting off with a making ring shaped circles using black acrylic paint. Then I went over the black with cream coloured acrylic paint. After this, I added colour to the doughnuts and dots/stripes for the icing decoration by using white acrylic paint.

I also wanted to experiment with different nail shapes, so I slightly pointed my nails on my left hand, and I'm not sure of which one I prefer. I think I might keep one hand pointed and one hand straight for a while to decide, what do you think?

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  1. wow beautiful mani !! so sweet donuts !!

  2. It's yummy! ^^ Looks absolutely amazinG!

  3. it looks super sweet- I love the icing :) yummy mani!
    happily I've got some ice cream in my fridge :D

    can't wait for the next post about the clay.

  4. This is definitely my favourite too! (Apart from that super awesome one inspired by your incredible friend of course) But it looks amazing!!xx

  5. I love these! I love the drip nails! :)

    1. theyre just so yummy looking! haha

  6. Wow, really love these. Massive thumbs up from me :) xx

  7. I really like what you have done in this blog so I have nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award.

  8. aww that little clay donut is sooo cute. I love your design, looks yummy. Beautiful colours used.

  9. Thanks for the mention :) I'm glad you liked them enough to try them out, you did an amazing job! You know I prefer the pointed nails ;) but your nails look great either way :)

  10. So cute your nail art. I love it culours and arts ;)

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  11. This is the most adorable nail design I've ever seen!!! Love it!