Top 3 spring colours

This is a short post, as I haven't done my nails or anything else in a while. I was looking through my nail polishes to see what colours would be perfect to wear in spring.

 Spring is finally here! Well, at least the sun is, so here are three colours that I think are perfect for this time of year:

Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream - A beautiful light pink colour which can go well with any outfit you wear, and it is very affordable. £2.99

Barry M Gelly Greenberry - I love this colour so much! It's like a mint green, but much brighter! £3.99

China Glaze Kalahari Kiss - A khaki yellow for more of a subtle approach. £5.95 (Amazon)

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  1. I love those Barry M shades... Strawberry ice cream is just the perfect pink!!

  2. I really like the Barry M polishes, though I've yet to try a gelly. These are perfect for spring - if only spring would arrive! :)

    1. you truly need to try them! their range of colours are incredible!