My lucky month..

And when  say lucky, I mean LUCKY! Over the past two weeks, I have won two different blog giveaways, and I'm not usually the type of person that wins things, so this is like a double whammy! Here's the first prize:

$20 Born pretty voucher from Spektor's nails, an amazing nail art blogger from Switzerland. I've never bought any nail art related items from the internet before, so this is what I chose to buy with it:

* Black striping tape
* Neon yellow nail polish (glows in UV light)
* Lace Stamping plate
* Stud wheel
* Nail art brushes
* Stamper and scraper

I chose this colour because I hadn't seen a neon yellowy lime colour before, and also because I saw it on the Nailasaurus's blog.

I've never used a stamping plate before, so this will be a first! I'm excited, but also apprehensive of the outcome

An assortment of studs!

The nail art brushes which are very thin! They will be perfect for freehand designs!

Second Prize: A subscription for Vogue with Zinio from the amazing fashion blogger Caroline Burke

This is the image from her blog as I haven't received it yet as I only won yesterday, but I'm very excited. It's strange that I somehow managed to win these! Thankyou Caroline and Spektor!

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  1. OMG I'm so jealous, especially for the magazines! Those are all the best ones!!!xx

  2. Congrats!!!
    You'll have a lot of fun with stamping plate because... well, it's simply fun!
    I remember my first attempt, I tried to figure out why I couldn't transfer
    the image onto the stamp, then I realized that there was a plastic sheet
    over the plate! >.< stupid instructions!!!

    1. im really worried as it seems quite difficult to get the hang of, cnt wait to try the lace designs though!

  3. I follow Caroline as well, congrats on winning her great price and the other one, of course! The nail polish looks really nice :)

    1. ah, so excited to try it out, im beginning to love neons!

  4. Yay you, congrats! I follow Spektor's Nails, she's so talented. I bet you'll have fun with your new goodies :-)

  5. Wow that's so lucky! I'm so jelly that you won a subscription of vogue!! And I'm looking forward to seeing those studs in action