Roy Lichtenstein: Pop Art

 Roy Lichtenstein was best known for his influential pop art of the 1960's, which his art is still popular today. I adore his artwork, and I am annoyed at the fact that I missed his exhibition at the Tate Modern museum. As I chose comics as a topic for my A level art coursework, It was obvious I had to do thurther research for my art. Here are a few favourite:
(Drowning Girl 1963)

(Oh, Jeff.. I love you too... but...)

(Look Micky 1961)

Here are some artist copies I created which I especially liked:
(Hopeless) - Using coloured fine liner pens

(In the car 1963) - Using oil paints

Lichtenstein's work is commonly used in nail art too: 
(Click the images for the source)

Roy Lichtenstein nails! 


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  1. Great post! His work is amazing, and your too!

  2. Those nails are sooo coooooooooooooool!xx

    1. i know, its great to find so much inspiration!

  3. OMG your copies are incredible! They look exactly like the real thing how amazing pop art is so cool and those nails are sick xo