Stripey stripes

I loved these nails so much, but the only problem I had with them was that they were very time consuming, which is why I won't be doing them again for a while!

Firstly, I painted all my nails white with Barry M Matt White as a base colour, and then drew stripes with different colour onto my nails with....

I also used black acrylic paint to do the straight lines. I guess it was difficult to do straight lines, but using black lines with acrylic paint made it easier to hide this. I enjoyed having these nails, they were so fun!

Oh yeah, and I also did my aunties nails! Her nails are literally twice as long as mine!

I used Barry M Greenberry as the base for the leopard print seeing as she loves bright colours, and I was inspired by this look on BritNails' blog.

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  1. Man I love these. Pretty sure if I had a go, I wouldn't even get past the first layerxx

  2. So pretty!! I love both manis!

  3. Those stripes are awesome! :D

  4. Ello feel free to delete this comment but just to let yer know that I'm still on holidaaay and so can't go on facebook as I don't know my password lolz... But tomorrow I get back to England and home comp with fb so I will look then :) hope all is okay miss galorious