I recently purchased an Ipod (excitement!) so I've been looking around for a new Ipod case as there are so many to choose from, and they are all so creative. Any design you want, it's bound to be available. The best thing about having an Ipod is that you can personalize it so it is specific to your own preferences.
So I have gathered two lists; One for affordable cases, and another for 'window shopping' cases which are nice to look at haha!

Window Shopping cases:
These cases are ones which I have found from a website by the name of Society6, which has thousands of different choices. (Click the images to go to the link) They are all priced at $35 (£22.50)

'Okshirahm Sky Mandala' - By Peter Patrick Barreda

'Hoochie Mama' By Mcfreshcreates

'Galaxy' - By Matt Borchert

*'Tribal Pattern' - Railton Road
This is a design I had spotted on Pshiiit's blog here. Along with her blog, I had instantly fallen in love with it!

Affordable cases:
These are the less expensive cases which I love. They are all prices around £5.
Aztec - By Head Case

Case for iPhone 4 iPhone 4s iPhone 4g iPhone 5 iPod touch 4 iPod touch 5 Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Galaxy S4 Pastel Chevron Design (SK10)
Chevron case - By Skycases
Ombre - By ecell_accessorize

IPod case ipod touch 5 case Dream catcher  ipod 4 case  ipod  5 case  ipod  touch 4 case
Dreamcatcher - Atwoodting

Well that was my short list completed, did you guys have any preferences?

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  1. From the first list: Sky Mandala, Hoochie Mama and the Galaxies are so fly! But the price is meh! On the cheaper list the dreamcatcher is just awesome!

    1. hoochie mama is my favourite! i wish I could afford it!

  2. The first one is my favourite one I looooooooove it!! The last one is pretty tooxx

  3. ah all so funky! love the first one too xx