DIY: Ipod case

 I had been in desperate need of a new Ipod case, so why not make one? I used this tutorial from Youtube which helped me to create the case, it's so easy to follow!
The first thing I did was purchase a clear Ipod case from Ebay which was only £2.50. 

I printed off various styles and designs using glossy photo paper, which includes a Fresh Prince inspired design I found on Google, and then cut them to fit inside the case. These two are my favorite!:

It seems appropriate, especially since Alfonso Ribiero (They guy who plays Carlton Banks in the Fresh prince of Bel Air) is participating in I'm a Celebrity this year!

I am currently using this right now!

It's a much cheaper method rather than buying your own cases, and it's also more personal. It's like having four cases in one!

Do you have a case obsession?

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  1. That is so awesome. I almost wish I had an iPod. :)

  2. This is economical, creative and cute! I like all of the patterns you picked, especially Mr. Carlton :)