1950's Vintage patterns

I'm loving the fact that the sun is coming it, it makes it much easier to take photos and they look so much more natural!

 This design is inspired by a book names vintage patterns: 1950's by Marnie Fogg which is a great source of inspiration! I won it in a giveaway and the patterns inside are beautiful prints from the 50's. The design I chose originated from fabric from resort wear, and featured the Western interpretation of pre-Colombian art specially made for the tourist trade.

To create the design, I used 3 coats of O.P.I My Vampire is buff, the perfect off white base for designs like these, especially when you don't want a bright white canvas. I got this polish from TNBL for a very reasonable price, who were very good with customer service and their delivery was awesome!

For the patterns, I used Models Own Blue Glint, Max Factor Diva Coral and black and yellow acrylic paint. I only used yellow acrylic paint as my yellow nail polish had completely dried out and I didn't even notice. I have to admit the design did take a while to do and there was a big sigh of relief when I had finished!

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  1. Really cool prints and design! And I love your last picture :)

  2. This is so bright and the design is amazing! Congrats on winning the book - it looks great and seems to have lots of inspiration! This design is so detailed! :)

    1. thankyou! it is, there are so many different patterns and designs to choose from!

  3. Beautiful design. And beautiful photos!

  4. Awh it looks lovely!! Totally agree about the sun, long days are goooooood!xx

  5. Very interesting nail art! Love the patern and colors. Lovely photos. Yes the sun helps a lot.

  6. oh wow this is very unique I love it! Patterns are drawn perfect.