Go Geo!

I loooove these, and i enjoyed creating them although I had to rush them as I only had an hour and a half. Plus, I finally got a topcoat which is affordable and much better than Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. So far, it also seems to win over Seche Vite, which is a nice surprise! I ordered it from Rainbow Connection for around £6.50.

This look was inspired by Pshiiit (Again, I can't help it!) and a bracelet I made (previous post with nail art here) I decided not to follow the Ikat theme and just simply paint the lines.

I painted my Middle and Ring fingers with Barry M Matte White, and the rest of them with Barry M Black with two coats for each colour. I then went over the Black with Topshop Gypsy Night and added some silver metal studs. On the white nails, I created the geometric pattern with a striper brush and some black acrylic paint. It's nice to have monotone nails for once, it feel refreshing compared to all the colour designs I have had!

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