Comparison: Beige Tones #1

Long time no post! Here I am going to compare my three favorite nude tones, as these shades are my favourite types of nail polishes. This is because they are the perfect base for nail art and are also perfect alone for more of a natural look. I chose O.P.I My Vampire is Buff, Barry M Lychee and O.P.I Don't Pretzel my Buttons.

MVIB is the lightest tone and is more of an off white colour with a touch of beige.
DPMB is the darkest polish in comparison and is more browny toned.
Lychee is more like a darker shade of MVIB so it seems to be more of a natural polish compared to the other two.  My favourite of them all is DPMB as it is the darkest and suits me more than the other two so I will most likely use Lychee and MVIB for bases of nail art.

I plan on doing more swatchy/comparsion type posts for darker nude tones and pink nudes as I enjoy this type of post! However, it's also because I recently destroyed my cuticle of my index finger and broke two of my other nails, which resulted in all my nails being filed down (out of frustration) and are now so short. :'( Oh well, it gives me a chance to grow them again at the same length and experiment with a new nail shape!

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  1. Great comparison! I cannot wait to see the other nails polishes you compare! It's so annoying that you broke your nails! What nail shape are you planning to change to? :)

  2. Aw Sorry about the breaks. :( That sucks. Can't wait to see more comparisons! I think for these Lychee is my favorite.

    1. see, i love lychee, but dpmb is so amazing! its quite biscuity toned