Recent buys

 I have managed to get through my exams  with a few comfort purchases. Now that they are over I can get back to focusing on blogging. The majority of them were replacement colours and some items were sent to me for review.

Firstly, I found these at TK Maxx for a very good price, the Seche Vite was £4.99 and the polish organiser was £4.00. I was extremely happy when I found this!

I purchased these from a blog sale for a very affordable price.
From left to right: NYC High Line Green, Color Club Almost Famous, Barry M Chocolate (discontinued) and Essie Capri

I bought Barry M White and Rose Hip from Superdrug, with the choice of one of 2 colours as a free gift. I chose Barry M Promenade.

I bought these Unicorn embellishments and Chevron stencils from She Sells Sea Shells at an amazing price. The stencils are so useful as I could never get the hang of using zig-zag scissors

I also received a dotting tool, nail foil and nail art brushes from Born Pretty for a review, so I will be showing you those shortly.

I also received these polishes from a sale on Instagram. After the previous purchases, I couldn't buy anything more, but after seeing Floss Gloss Stun at an affordable price, it was impossible to ignore. The seller was very generous, as I had only purchased one polish, she kindly gifted me the other three! I received Kiko Sugar Mat Spring Green, Floss Gloss Party Bruise and Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 104.

I'm so excited to finally use Floss Gloss, which is an amazing Californian brand with unique and edgy polishes. I first discovered their polishes via AbbieNail (1, 2, 3), and I still lust after their other colours! Ahh, they could be mine one day!

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  1. Great polishes! I like the little storage unit too! :-)

  2. Awesome buys! I adore the unicorn embellishments! She Sells Sea Shells sells amazing things, I'm planning on treating myself to some nice stuff from their store soon! :D

  3. Congrats on making it through exams! OMG I miss AbbieNail's blog posts. *sigh* I'm sure she's busy, though... Can't wait to see Promenade!!

    1. Thanks girl! It was tough, me too! Shes one of my favourite bloggers! :(