Festival Nails + review

This is the design I wore to Wireless Festival, which was inspired by a shirt I liked from River Island:

The colours I used are above: Barry M Mango and limited edition green, Color Club Almost Famous, Essie Capri, NYC High Line Green and two colours I mixed together myself.

First, I used a white base for the design using acrylic paint, then went over it using my chosen colours. I have only done floral nails once before, so it was refreshing creating these, I love the way they turned out. They're sort of messy, but detailled at the same time. :D

The paintbrush I used was one of 12 I had received for review from Born Pretty Store. It was easy to use and quite thin. However, there was the odd bristle going off in another direction and it was not as thin as I had hoped.

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  1. Oh wow this looks really stunning :-)

  2. These are awesome! I love floral print on nails but this somehow looks completely different from the standard flowers - I think it's because the bright blue background!

    1. ahh really? thankyou, they look a little bit hawaiian too

  3. Wireless Festival must have been amazing! These are so detailed and I love the colours you've used! :)