Finally got to wear Floss Gloss and I loooooove their polishes so much! Their bottles are so original and vintage looking although they are pretty small. I follow Floss Gloss on Instagram and I have probably liked every single one of their photos.

  I saw the holographic glitter inside Stun and immediately fell in love! It is very dense which would be useful when going for full coverage when using the glitter alone. It was also dense enough to make it more difficult to create a glitter gradient!

 As for Party Bruise, it is a beautiful deep brown/purple colour which is also sorta vampy. I was suprised as to how quickly it dried; as soon as I finished both hands it was already time for a second coat.

Yes, extremely happy with these!

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  1. OMG, How beautiful!

  2. Wow what a nice combination! They go well together :-)

  3. These nail polishes look great! I love the combination of the 2 polishes and the gradient is stunning! :)

  4. I loveee these two shades together! I still don't have any Floss Gloss but I hope that will change soon :) Gorgeous photos!

    1. There are a fee uk retailers, and they also have a sale on the main site currently too if you wanted to grab some, theyre worth it!