Wireless Festival 2014

As I havent had any non-nail art posts in a while, I have finally been able to post one. I had lost inspiration as of what to post but I have a few ideas which I plan on carrying out.

A group of friends and I recently went to Wireless Festival in London, which is a festival with a range of different acts, from the hidden gems to the mainstream artists. We arrived early and managed to make our way to the front of the main stage for the first couple of acts. This was the closest we got before it became too overcrowded as people anticipated for the later acts.

We saw Pharrell, Ella Eyre, Tine Tempah, Kanye West and Iggy Azalea. Whilst at the front of the crown, an upcoming performer by the name of Jon Bellion sang a few songs, and he turned out to be amazing! We had such an incredible time and I think I am suffering from festival blues. :(

The food we had was yummy, but extremely expensive! I think I somehow managed to spend around £20 on food and drinks despite the fact that I also bought some food with  me.
Unfortunately I didn't take many photos, I think I was having too much fun to remember to do so!

Wireless Festival just felt like a huge party with your favourite artists and the atmosphere from the crown made it so much better! 

The songs that seemed to electrify the crowd the most from each act I saw were:
'Work' Iggy Azalea
'Waiting all Night' Ella Eyre
'Touch the Sky' Kanye West
'Pass Out' Tinie Tempah
'Beautiful' Pharrell

These were the nails I wore for Wireless (which I will post soon). I wanted something festival themed but not cliche, which is why I went for floral nails. I love how the match my little froggy midi ring!

I'll leave you with a lil' bit of Jon Bellion to fill your ears with:

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  1. Nice nails! Sounds like you had lots of fun :-)

  2. This sounds like sooo much fun! I want to be there!:O Noice nails broxx