My Geometric Mug

Whilst on the hunt for some uni essentials, I came across the most perfect mug, ever (Well, my friend pointed it out before I laid my eyes on it)! I found this beauty in TK Maxx, where all the treasures are usually hidden, in the clearance section for £2! 

I reaaaaally wanted to recreate this design on my nails, and for this I used Models Own Blue Glint, Barry M Matte White Barry M Grey, and a light grey that was mixed using both Barry M polishes. The colours seemed to match so perfectly.

I started with a white base colour, using two coats. Then I placed some striping tape slightly above the middle of my nail, and painted one coat of Blue Glint. After that was done, I painted the grey stripes on the other half of my nail using Barry M Grey and a thin nail art brush. When that was done I mixed together white and grey in order to paint the lighter stripes. I then went on to paint the chevron design using Barry M White. I decided not to use white acrylic paint as nail polish seems smoother in comparison, although it still become gloopy quite quickly.

This has probably been my most time consuming nail art, but it was 100% worth it, cause I just cant get enough of my mug!

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  1. That is a very cute mug! TK MAXX is brilliant for little gems, I've bought a few little bits for myself as I'm going off to uni too. Are you excited!? :)

  2. This looks so awesome!! Really cool design, and I love the mug! I also love the picture with all your polishes inside the mug, it's so original but it fits great! :)

  3. Nice nails! I do love a good rummage in TK Maxx :-)

    1. tkmaxx is always the best place for bargains!

  4. Totally worth it! Awesome!! ^_^