Autumn Florals

I did this design a few weeks ago, but I never got round to doing it. Since I've been at uni, I haven't really had time to do my nails (Which is also due to laziness, I'm so sorry!), but I'm trying to organise myself to ensure that I post at least once a week, designating Sundays as a pamper day!

These nails were inspired by a pattern I saw on Instagram and I'm unsure of what happened to the original photo. The base colours I used were Barry M Bright Red, Watermelon and Barry M Mocha. They're the perfect Autumn colours, but I'd rather use a darker red polish, as it's seems more of a suitable tone for the season.

The leaf patterns were created using Barry M White and a nail art brush and I had to do alternating nails as I didn't have enough time to do all of them.

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  1. Nice post! :D I love the desaturated petrol like tint of the blue polish pretty much! Feels so nice to read you again, and thanks to have mailed me back!
    ps : i think the orange is suitable for the season, orange-rust colors are everywhere :o tree leaves and at dusk, when skies are striped of blue and orange

    1. ahh no problem, your email fuelled me to post so thank you!

  2. Oh wow!! I can't believe you did that freehand! I thought it was a stamp. Great job!!! :D

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