Neutral Tones - Guess the name

 Deadlineeeeess! They're horrible! Iv'e been constancy doing work recently and I've had no time for nail art, so I've been wearing neutral skin tone polishes, I thought 'd share my favourites with you which are very different from each other.

I thought I'd try something different just for fun, guess the names of the polishes! I know most of you are pros with guessing the names of polishes just by looking at them haha!
Warm toned brown polish with red undertones. I love the way it looks with my skin tone, however, I am still looking for a polish which is even close to my tone.

Perfect warm nude tone which is also very useful for nail art.

My favourite of all nudes! It's a dirty pink colour which is less 'in your face' in comparison to a baby pink polish. I'm surprised I haven't done any nail art featuring this colour, considering I've worn it a few times and I'm about 1/3 through the bottle. I paired it with Andrea Fullerton's Gemstone Overcoat.

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  1. That first polish looks so flattering on you!

  2. I have no guesses.... lol Hopefully you have more time for nail art soon!!