Black, White and Stripes

I don't have many photos for this design as the lighting wasn't perfect so I couldn't capture the design in the way I wanted to. It was so difficult to take a photo this design with my camera when the colours go from one extreme to another.

I have also started using OPI Nail Envy to strengthen my nails so I'm looking forward to seeing what effect it has on my nails.

I used Barry M Black and White and acrylic paint for the stripes using a striping brush. Halfway through painting the lines I remembered I had striping tape but I think both methods are equally as time confusing as the tape can be quite fiddly.

The design was supposed to be more cross-hatched and simply black and white but I decided to change the theme after realising it would look nicer half finished! I painted the grey gradient lines after this to make it look more interesting.

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  1. So cool! I like that you switched the background color. :) Very interesting.

    1. ahh hehee, thanks! makes it more interesting in my eyes