Urban Outfitters Decor

I tend to visit OU online on a regular basis, but never actually purchase anything. :( I love their wide variety of decorations and I'm going to share my top 5 with you:
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1. Dairy Milk Mug
A traditional mug you can drink with your hot chocolate, I love it! It's so very simple.

2. Block Stripe Quilt
It probably wouldn't match my room, but it would make any bedroom light and airy. I also love that reindeer cushion!

3. Baroque Shelf
This shelf has an antique feel about it, it's a great way of storing small objects such as nail polish  bracelets and photo frames. Anything Baroque is beautiful!

4. Zig zag rug
This rug does mess with my eyes a little bit, but its worth it! I love geometric shapes, especially on a rug. It adds a little 'oomph' to a plain room.

5. Lasonic Boombox
I have ALWAYS wanted a boombox! I would walk around blasting out music with my boomboox like Will Smith or just chill in the park in the summer.

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  1. Number 3 is my favourite, I love UO soooo muchxx

  2. omg that shelf is gorgeous, so pretty! follow back please?x