Inspired by Butter London

This nail art was inspired by Butter London Black Knight, which is a black based nail polish with red, blue, pink and holographic glitter. It is one of the most intriguing nail polishes that I have ever seen, especially as I love black glitter polishes. Now I cannot afford to buy Butter London as they are £12 each, so I opted for a more affordable alternative...
(A close up of the glitter polish)

These are three of the four glitters I used, pink, red and blue. I got these from my sister for my birthday in January. First I created the base by adding Barry M black and a little bit of Barry M Bright Purple (I didn't measure how much I exactly used!)

For the holographic glitter, I used a glitter polish that I bought from claires. It is very fine, and is probably one of mt favourite glitters as it is very sparkly!

Of course, I had to add some nail art to it, so I added a purple polka dot bow to my index finger, with a gem attatched to the middle. Overall, I really do love this glitter, however, I only just discovered that my local Boots has started to stock Butter London (including Black Knight)! So I think I might save up my Boots points for that, I'm very excited!

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  1. You duped it very well. Love your accent nail.

  2. Well done! I love doing this myself. It's so much fun!

    1. me too! its also nice to see then end product!

  3. Love the purple polka dot bow! Woooxx

  4. This looks so much like the original polish! I love the accent nail too - the bow looks so cute! :)

  5. Really nice colour and the bow is just so cute! xx

  6. This looks great! I love the bow :)

  7. Really gorgeous nail colour. Looks like a starry night on your nails :D

  8. wow :) so cute manicure !!! <33

  9. I'm impressed, I love your nail polish! <3