It's like that, and that's the way it is..

Me being a hip-hop kinda person, there's always room for the old school songs on my Ipod. The one iconic group I chose to design on my nails were Run DMC, a group from the 1980's which consisted of three members (Most notably Rev. Run A.K.A Joseph Simmons from the MTV show Runs House). 

I had already attempted to create the RUN DMC logo on my nails years ago, but that didn't go so well. The three colours I used were all Barry M, Matte White, Bright Red and Black, along with Black and white acrylic paint.

My pinky is an Adidas logo as Run DMC were known for their sense of street style with their untied Adidas trainers. Me being a Nike snob, I almost didn't put this design on my nails! I used gold caviar beads to represent their huge gold chains over black on my ring finher. My middle finger is the silhouette of the three members in their hats. I had run out of ideas and searched for inspiration as to what to add to my nails and found the idea on Toxic Vanity's blog, it's genius! My ring finger is the Run DMC logo, which was most difficult of all. I used striping tape to get the straight lines and the rest was done by hand, it was very Tricky (Pardon the pun).

On my thumb, I painted the word 'Tricky' after one of their songs that I love (Which also reminds me of the show 'Everybody Hates Chris' if anyone remembers). Whenever I look at my nails, the song gets stuck in my head again!
My other hand was exactly the same apart from the thumb as I was too lazy to redo the word 'Tricky', which I painted some old records.

I'll leave you with a song!

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  1. That's awesome. lol Love it.

  2. i love run dmc! that mustve taken you ages!

  3. This is so random but I tagged you in my latest blog post as a part of Travel Supermarket's Beauty and the Beach competition, I hope you check it out :-)

  4. Hey, I LOVE this!! I'm uber impressed :)

    LolaNailedIt xx