London Part 2

We travelled the tube to Covent Gardens, it was my first time going there and it was such a great experience. There were statue people!

I wish I knew this guys' secret..

Then we went to grab some food at a small Italian restaurant called Prima Papori D'Italia, and I have to say the garlic bread was lush.

As we were all too full for dessert, my dad was the only one that had ordered it. He ordered a Caribbean style ice cream with rum and fresh ice cream, it was gorgeous! 
We visited China Town, which I loved. The first shop we wandered into happened to sell Green Tea which we always buy, but have difficulty finding so that was a bonus. There were some lovely cakes and sweet treats in multiple shop windows, it's a shame I didn't get a photograph of it. Overall, it was a great day out, I love London, who doesn't?

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  1. Oooh I really like this post, I love Covent Garden!xx

  2. Covent Garden is so much fun, and that pizza is making me seriously hungry!

  3. Woah! Those statue people are insane!! I would love to get to see something like that in real life.

  4. I love London, is a very beautiful city :)
    thank you for visit my blog, if you want we can follow each other (now i'm in your followers) :)

  5. That pizza looks so good haha! xxx

  6. Awesome pictures. That pizza looked gooooood!