DIY Drawer storage + tips

Every find yourself so unorganised that you can't find anything? I can NEVER find matching socks in my drawer as it is always so messy so I end up wearing odd socks all the time. Whilst searching on Pinterest and tips I found some photos what would help to inspire a DIY (Click images for links):

A nice, organized sock drawer.

Sock-drawer organizing

Susan B. Anderson: The Drawer of Hand Knit Socks

For the DIY, I cut up some strips of foam board (The same material I used for my DIY nail polish rack, but you can find it at Hobbycraft or Ryman) using this cutting knife to the width of my drawer which created separate sections. The fgoam board should slot into your drawer of cut correctly, but if not you can always apply tape for it to hold. I then rolled up the socks and placed them with pairs neatly within the different sections. I had to throw away a few socks without pairs haha! I'm not really a neat freak, but this makes life so much easier!

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