Late to the party

I finally got my hands on the most sought after metallic polish of 2014 (OPI Push and Shove - TNBL). I only included two photos in this post as it was difficult to capture the effect well. This post was from a month ago but I sadly never got round to posting it as I have been pretty busy, I miss blogging!

I used my usual base coat of Essie "Grow Stronger" which I seriously need to replace as it's on it's way out haha! I didn't have a ridge filler to smooth out the final effect but after using two coats of Push and Shove it seemed okay. I chose to look at other blogger's experiences with this polish before application as I'd heard it could be difficult to work with. It's so reflective and shiny, the perfect metallic! Maybe one day OPI will produce a similar effect with a rose gold polish as I adore the colour.

Recent purchases: As well as OPI Push and Shove, I also bought Floss Gloss Faded and Colour Club Eternal Beauty from Live Love Polish, two colours I have drooled over for a a very long time, I'm excited to try them out!

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  1. YAY!! Yeah, it's supposed to come with a "special" basecoat, but it's not really necessary. Overall I'm not a huge fan of OPI, but if they put out more colors with this caliber of chrominess I would definitely buy them up.

    1. aw i love opi! thats true, although i have seen some blog posts saying it has made a difference, hmm idk haha