Born Pretty Review

Hello fellow bloggers, I'm back with a post! I've finally had some time to focus on my nails spurred by a much welcomed package sent from Born Pretty as a review. I received quite a few items to play around with which will hopefully set my blogging back in motion. In the mean time...

 *3D Nail Stickers - I found that the majority of the stickers were quite large, so I only used it on my thumb nail. I love the way they look, so intricate and elegant. They were very easy to use and were a dream to work with. Overall, I am pleased with these as they are a much faster and neater way of adding gold details to a design

*Gold Triangle Studs - I chose to review these as I first saw a similar version on the Nailasaurus's blog a while ago. I liked the size of the studs, although as they are metal, they do not lay flat on the nail bed so they keep getting caught on everything. Despite this, they are easy to apply and look great!

Polishes used:
Floss Gloss Faded
Color Club Eternal Beauty
+Black and White Acrylic Paint

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  1. Oh wow that's really pretty!! I never would have thought to use them like that. :D


    I love the way the whole mani looks like! It's been so long since I checked your blog. Hope all is fine for you <3