Simple Geometric Tips

So, I've been reunited with Floss Gloss, it seems to be my go-to brand as I'm always drawn to the colours I own. This design was very improvised, I didn't really plan what I was doing and just went with it.

Colours used:
Essie - Sugar Daddy
Floss Gloss - Glowstar
Floss Gloss - Con Limon
I used Sugar Daddy as the base and painted the lines with a nail art brush. The black triangles were created using acrylic paint.

I'm surprised I haven't featured this colour on my blog yet, it's so vibrant and bright! I had been drooling over it for a while before I bought it and is definitely one of the most unique colours I own,

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  1. That is so cool! I especially like the touch of green. ^_^

  2. Improvised nail art is the best, and this seriously kicks butt!