All Fruits Ripe

I haven't posted much non nail art in a while so this seemed like a perfect opportunity.
When my sisters Godmother asked me to produce some A2 sized paintings for her I was slightly worried. I haven't painted anything for about a year, let alone 2 times the size of anything I have ever painted, so it was a great challenge for me. She wanted two bright and contrasting bowls filled to the brim with fresh, colourful fruits, so I used acrylic paint for it's vibrancy and also because they tend to dry quicker than other types of paints. The first fruit bowl was sourced from an image I found on Google, and the second one was set up by myself, being a part of a health family made this easy for me!
Both myself and my sister's Godmother were happy with it and I'm excited to see it up on the wall some day!

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