Summer Surprise Project

Last month I participated the Summer Surprise Project introduced by Capture by Lucy, where I had the opportunity to send a gift worth £5 to a stranger, to which they also sent one back to me. This was a perfect opportunity for social media enthusiasts (Such as bloggers and instagrammers) to send someone a little gift in the hopes to brighten their day with an unexpected surprise.

Rachel Bee was randomly selected for me to send a gift to, and she described herself as a stationary lover. I sent her a gift with a notebook, a matching pen and some pinking shears which are always useful with crafts and patterns!

In return, she sent me a handmade card with a lovely message, Nails Inc Fleet Street and a beautiful handmade black pearl bracelet based on the short description I had given about myself.

This was a nice little project to get involved with and it was fun and I'm hoping there will be a winter version, be on the look out if your'e interested in joining.

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  1. What a fun! and that's a beautiful bracelet and the card is so pretty!

    1. thanks! you should maybe try it! it was nice to participate in something different

  2. Replies
    1. it is isnt it, i enjoyed this project!