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In my absense I have not purchased as many nail polishes as I used to. A few OPI's here and there (I live across from a nail beauty supplies shop, it was destiny..). However, there are certain colours that have caught my eye and I could help it. I purchased these from both Live.Live.Polish and Floss Gloss

F.U.N Lacquer - Eternal Love
Floss Gloss - Dimepiece
Floss Gloss - Perf
Floss Gloss - Smoke on the nail
Superchic Lacquer - Rum Billie
Floss Gloss - Night Palm
Floss Gloss - Blood, Suede, Tears
Floss Gloss - Honey
Floss Gloss - Tanlines

I feel like I completely missed the multichrome craze, but this colour Eternal Love is soooo pretty, I'm excited to try it. I love the way gels look with duochrome's as they're always so sleek, but I'm just more into looking after and growing my natural nails.

What's on your wishlist?


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